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Put simply, yes! Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide exhaled by warm-blooded mammals (humans and pets alike). This gas is highly attractive to bed bugs, indicating that a blood meal is close by. While this pest prefers the blood of humans, it will feed on any susceptible host, including your pet. It is important to note that while these bugs do not live on people and pets, they do live in the environment and feed on both by sucking their blood.
Absolutely! Moving into a home that is infested with bed bugs can be both time consuming and costly. Many apartment communities have actually opted to inspect all vacant units prior to leasing to ensure they are “bed bug free.” While this proactive measure certainly provides peace of mind, it is also a highly effective measure in reducing the spread of bed bugs in a multi-family dwelling.

No. The pet would need treatment to eliminate the fleas which can be obtained from your vet. This would need to be done at the same time as our treatment.

Termites are often mistaken for flying ants; however, an obvious physical characteristic that easily distinguishes the two is the absence of a cinched waist on the termite. Additionally, termites have two body sections (head and thorax) and equally sized wings, whereas the ant has three body sections (head, thorax, and abdomen), and larger forewings. Termites typically “swarm” in early spring. “Swarming” is the process of reproductive termites leaving their overwintering sites to establish new colonies. This is typically the first and most obvious visual evidence of a termite infestation. A licensed pest control professional can definitely identify your infestation and recommend treatment options.

Action Pest Exterminating is a licensed and insured pest control company capable of handling your most aggressive pest control needs. Our technicians will bait the entire property, and will then saturate the mounds directly with approved pesticides. While fire ants do not aggressively seek out and attack humans, they will do so if their mound is disturbed. A single fire ant sting is a mildly painful experience; unfortunately, an encounter with fire ants usually involves more than one ant. The pain and irritation associated with a single sting is multiplied many fold in such circumstances. A small number of individuals develop allergic reactions to fire ant venom. In the most extreme cases, even a small number of stings can result in a life-threatening condition known as anaphylaxis.

Bed bugs are difficult to detect by the human eye unless your infestation is a very heavy one. We have certified K9 and handler teams that can inspect your home for signs of bed bugs. Our K9s are 95-98% effective at bed bug detection

Definitely! Action Pest Exterminating utilizes tamper-proof bait stations, traps, and exclusionary methods to address rat and mice infestations.

Action Pest Exterminating stands behind their work and takes pride in the level of service provided.

Yes, we have a licensed wildlife technician on staff. A specially trained technician is certified to handle nuisance wildlife infestations. The technician can solve wildlife problems involving bats, snakes, raccoons, squirrels and opossums. Call for an appointment.

Yes. Action Pest Exterminating offers one-time, monthly, or seasonal treatments. During the initial inspection, a pest control technician will identify areas that are conducive to breeding mosquitoes and will provide information and education regarding your specific risk factors. They will also determine which type of equipment and what chemicals most closely meet your needs and will give specific details as to your treatment plan. Treatment will incorporate spraying or misting around landscape plants, turf and ground cover, under decks, around building foundations and other places where mosquitoes may rest. This may be applied using handheld sprayers, backpack sprayers, or a combination of such. After application, it is imperative that people and animals remain off of the treatment area until the chemical is completely dry.

We do not do lawn service unless it is for fire ant treatment. We can do regular service of your home for general pests. Many of our customers sign up for quarterly pest control service which helps keep the insects and spiders in and directly around their home under control.

It is possible to have a bed bug infestation and be unaware of it. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects, mainly feeding at night. Similar to mosquitos, they feed by piercing the skin and withdrawing blood through an elongated beak. While the bites are initially painless, they will often turn into itchy welts. Unlike flea bites (that are mainly concentrated around the ankles), bed bugs seek any areas of skin that are exposed while sleeping. People who don’t realize they have a bed bug infestation may attribute the bites and subsequent itching to other causes, such as fleas or mosquitos.

Most certainly! Each insect species has its own nuances regarding socialization, habitat, and infestations. It is realistic that a homeowner or tenant may be unaware of an infestation until such a time as the pest invades their home. We offer preventative services to reduce the occurrences of pest infestations.

Yes. The term “palmetto bug” and “water bug” are colloquial references (generally attributed to the southern United States) to either the Smokey Brown cockroach or the American cockroach. Contact a licensed pest control company to correctly identify the species of infestation and to learn about specific control measures.

No … All spiders are poisonous to their prey, but relatively few are harmful to humans. Locally, the spiders that we consider to be harmful to humans are the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider.

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