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Choose Action Pest Exterminating to Control Mosquitoes

Mosquitos are more than just a nuisance during family BBQs, baseball games, and hiking trips in and around Charlotte. These bloodsuckers can also threaten livestock, pets, and humans with the diseases they carry (i.e. Zika and West Nile Virus), a threat that brings health dangers and economic threats. The mosquito is undoubtedly one of the world’s most destructive insects, which is why professional pest control is vital for minimizing and eradicating a mosquito infestation.

Action Pest Exterminating offers decades of collective experience in the control and destruction of mosquitos and other harmful pests. Our success in all forms of pest control is due in large part to our Five Step Process, which we implement in every project we’re involved in.

Step #1: Inspect & Evaluate

Our first step entails not just identifying the targeted pest, but determining its infestation level as well as its source and/or entry points. We offer a variety of pest control services to Charlotte residents which we apply depending on the data collected during our inspection.

Step #2: Recommendation

After developing a clear idea of the problem’s scope, we’ll develop and recommend an elimination plan. Rest assured every plan we devise is created from an environmentally-friendly point of view. Charlotte and its surrounding suburbs possess some of America’s best natural scenery and an abundance of wildlife, and we’re careful to leave these things undisturbed. Also, virtually all of our extermination plans are multi-faceted, integrating several different approaches to ensure 100% success.

Step #3: Preparation

Before implementing our mosquito control plan, we meet with our customers to discuss what the plan entails, how much it costs, how long it might take to achieve full effectiveness, and whether any parts of the home and/or out-buildings will be off limits for any amount of time. We emphasize keeping our clients informed before, during, and after the process in order to minimize surprises and ensure full transparency.

Step #4: Treatment

In order to be successful, every preventive pest control program requires a few key ingredients. First and foremost, our highly-trained technicians adhere to all Pest Control and Safety Regulations. We pride ourselves on conducting the treatment right the first time so that nothing is compromised, especially the health of our clients and employees. Also, we’re dedicated to seeing the treatment through so that optimum results are achieved. If it appears necessary to adopt another approach or reinforce the current approach, we’re flexible enough and knowledgeable enough to do so.

Step #5: Prevention and Education

Even after we’ve achieved 100% success with an extermination, our job isn’t over. We sit down with our customer post-project and discuss ways to prevent the pest(s) from returning. Some of these preventive measures can be implemented by the customer, but we also offer Preventive Programs that work year-round to keep your property pest-free. These programs are discussed in detail during the post-project meeting.

Action Pest Exterminating, one of the most respected pest control companies serving Charlotte, has the technology and experience to control, reduce, and exterminate mosquitoes. Contact us today for a free quote.