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Pest Prevention Services

At Action Pest Exterminating, we are not only here to eliminate your pest problems, but we offer preventative expertise and programs to avoid and reduce the occurrences of pest issues. Preventing a pest infestation can be less of a hassle than dealing with one once it’s happened. We also make prevention as one of the key steps of our five-step treatment process, to make sure that your pest problems don’t rear their ugly head again soon after we’ve finished.

We tailor our pest control services to your specific situation. Rodents and roaches don’t require the same pest control techniques after all. No matter what kind of pest you’re dealing with, we use environmentally conscious approaches to treating your problem. We can even eliminate more difficult jobs, including bed bugs. In addition to focusing on prevention, we also focus on educating our customers to help them gain a better understanding of the pest in our area and prevention. Here are some tips you can use to stop bugs and rodents from making your home into their home.

Remove Their Sources of Food and Shelter

Pests come into your home because there’s something there that they want. The first step of preventative pest control is to remove their incentives. Store food in sealed containers or bags, where they can’t get to it. Don’t leave out garbage that contains food. Instead, take it outside right away and place in enclosed bins.

Sources of water and excess moisture can also attract pests. Make sure that leaky pipes aren’t letting water accumulate. Standing still water can be a perfect breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes. Be sure flowering pots or other containers outside are not accumulating water. If you have pets, remove their food bowls at night. They could end up attracting bugs or rodents that are looking for a meal.

Reduce Clutter

We can all be a little messy sometimes, but clutter can make it easy for pests to hide and breed. If you have cardboard boxes or stacks of magazines, our professional pest control experts will often recommend that you throw out or recycle these things to make sure that pests have nowhere to hide.

Learn About Common Pests

There’s a reason that one step of our five-step treatment process is “educate and prevent.” The more you know about common pests, the more you can do to avoid problems with them in the first place. We’ll teach you how rodents and insects get into your home, what attracts them, and more.

Close Off Entrances to Pests

Another reason pest come inside is for shelter from the weather. On that note, once you know how pests can get into your house you can seal off their methods of entrance. Look for cracks around cabinets or in walls and fill them with caulk. Have any spaces or holes around pipes, doors, window frames repaired. This will help prevent pests from crawling in without causing damage.

Stay Vigilant

When you’re bringing something into your house, check it to make sure that no bugs have stowed away. You don’t want to do all of this work to safeguard your house and let a pest slip by you as you bring something in from the garage or the outdoors. With these tips and our pest control services, rodents and bugs don’t stand a chance against you.