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Termites Eating Away At Your Home? We Can Help!

Protect your Home from Termite & Wood Destroying Insect Damage.

You take great care in maintaining your property and making sure that it is insured against unforeseeable damages. With all of your hard work, it is devastating to realize you have a termite infestation that could be destroying the integrity and structure of your building from the ground up. You may not even know you have them until there is damage.

Termites are invasive pests that feed on cellulose-based plant materials, like the wood used to build the supportive structures of your property. They literally eat away at your home and can cause costly damage if not eradicated. Typically, insurance does not cover the cost to repair.

We offer thorough and effective soil treatments that not only eliminate termites but prevent future infestations from occurring. Our control system also includes the opportunity for annual coverage (like a termite insurance policy) with yearly inspections from trained technicians to ensure your property is remaining termite free and identifying conditions that would be considered conducive to future infestations.

Action Pest Exterminating’s Termite Treatment Method: We use the product Termidor for our termite treatments, which we consider to be the best product on the market. The Termidor is applied with either rodding and trenching the needed areas or by use of a Termidor HP high precision injection system (HP II stamping machine). This system provides a more uniform treatment zone due to its use of a highly advanced computer that accurately and automatically mixes the Termidor chemical with water, ensuring precise amounts are injected where it is needed. Use of this machine often eliminates the need for any trenching or rodding even though some additional drilling on patios and in garages is sometimes needed. With the HP II stamping machine use, only small holes are left behind with little disruption to your landscaping. 

Action Pest considers the Termidor HP system to be the most powerful treatment weapon available to eliminate termite infestations. Termidor and the HP Injection System are BASF products. Check out the video below to see exactly how this works:

At Action Pest Exterminating we offer Termite inspections, termite treatments and the opportunity to place your home under an annual termite bond that allows preventative coverage.

Termites are serious business. In fact, they easily cause more than $1 billion dollars in damage a year. That is a lot of destruction from a tiny pest. Termites could be the poster child for the saying “Small but Mighty”.

They are a force that is near impossible to fight on your own. To protect your property from further damage you need a termite control professional that knows where to look for termites and how to eradicate them for good. Action Pest Exterminating is the professional you need.

Our termite control services not only kill eggs, nymphs and worker termites, we also provide complete soil treatment that makes the environment uninhabitable for termites, now and in the future. We visually inspect every corner of your property for termites, leaving nothing to chance.

Your investment in your home or business is our top priority. To prove it, we provide a one-year warranty on all our termite control services and offer an annual termite coverage program.

Termites are part of our business, but they don’t have to be part of yours. Let us be the ones you call when you need urgent, professional termite control specialists for your home, business, and commercial properties. A call and a free quote will take only minutes and possibly save both your home and your wallet from termite damage.

Action Pest Exterminating is your go-to pest control service for terminating your termites. We invest the time and resources needed to have the best trained employees.