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Why You Should Act Fast if You Find a Mouse in Your House

Despite their inherent cuteness, it’s never a good idea to live with mice. In fact, there are a few important reasons why you must act fast and contact Action Pest Exterminating for effective mice control in Charlotte the minute you find a mouse in your house.

Why Mice Make Poor Roommates

One of the biggest reasons why a mouse problem requires immediate pest control is the fact that you’re dealing with feral mice – not the innocent-looking ones your kids fawn over at the pet store. Wild mice are no strangers to dumpsters, sewers, and other unseemly places, and their exposure to bacteria and sickness can aggregate on their fur and in their stomachs. These ills can then be transferred to your pantry, counters, and silverware drawer by any mice on the loose in your house. Mice are also fond of picking up dead insects – ticks, fleas, and the like – and bringing them into your home through pre-chewed holes.

Don’t Waste Any Time

When you see a mouse in your house, don’t delay – make an appointment for professional pest control in Charlotte and the surrounding areas immediately. The biggest reason to address the problem promptly isn’t the fact that mice are disease-carriers with a penchant for chewing holes in your walls and nibbling on your home’s wiring, though these are valid reasons on their own. No, the biggest reason to kick mice to the curb is that, just like virtually every other rodent, mice are potent breeders. Consider these facts about mice gestation and you’ll understand why mouse control is so important:

●   The average female mouse’s gestation cycle is 20 days

●   A litter can include 3 – 14 baby mice

●   A female mouse can birth a new litter 5 – 10 times per year

●   Each new female mouse reaches maturity in just six weeks, with some able to reproduce just five weeks after birth

These stats illustrate how quickly one mouse can turn into 1,000 if you don’t get a handle on the problem quickly and contact us for effective pest control services.

Know Your Enemy

It’s very likely that the mouse running around your house once lived in a nearby forest or field. But mice don’t hibernate, and when cold weather arrives they begin looking for warmer lodgings. The warmth of your house and the smell of tasty food are more than enough to draw any mouse into your home through foundational cracks, pipe openings, and the like.

Here’s an accurate profile of a typical house mouse, courtesy of our preventive pest control company: brown, gray, or black in color, with lighter bellies. Hair on the ears and tail, but far less than what’s on their bodies. 20cm in length when fully grown. Droppings are cylindrical and pointed on the ends. Mice are one of the world’s most populous mammals. Commonly found wherever human beings are living.

If you have a mouse problem, act fast and contact Action Pest Exterminating. We’re one of the best-known pest control companies serving Charlotte and we have the tools and experience to rid your home of mice.