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The Action Pest Exterminating Five-Step Process

Here at Action Pest Exterminating, we can handle all of your pest control needs. With our dependable five-step treatment process, we can make your pest problems a thing of the past. We always use eco-conscious methods, so you don’t have to worry about environmental effects. From roach treatments to more specialized jobs like dealing with a Bed Bug infestation, you can depend on our pest control services every time.

1. Inspect and Evaluate

We first inspect your home or business and identify your specific pest. Then we determine the spread or saturation of the infestation, and determine potential sources or entry points to your home.

2. Recommend

Once we’ve determined what type of pests you have, we will recommend a treatment and prevention plan for your specific pest situation and environment using an integrated and environmentally conscious approach. We have a professional pest control method for just about any situation.

3. Prep

Once we’ve inspected and recommended a treatment, it’s time to prep. That means making sure that we can treat your problem safely and efficiently. We provide every customer with information and guidance before treatment. This ensure an easy, efficient and effective visit for everyone.

4. Treat

Our fourth step is treatment. Once we know what kind of pest you have, we can use one of the many pest control options that we have at our disposal for optimal results. We offer a full selection of customized services for commercial and residential properties, so you don’t have to worry that we can’t deal with your specific pest issue.

Educate and Prevent

Many bugs and rodents can be rather persistent. Once we’ve completed treatment, we educate our customers on how to prevent further infestations. The best offense is a good defense, so taking some steps to stop pests before they even enter your home can be extremely effective. We’ll put our preventative pest control expertise to work for you.

Our Specialties

We’re equipped to deal with a wide range of pest problems. No rodent or bug is too tough for Action Pest Exterminating. From common pests to more niche pest control needs, we have you covered. Here’s a look at just a few of our specialties.


If your dog has brought home some tiny friends from the park, we can help. Fleas are famously persistent, which means that you need a pest control company that’s just as persistent.


There’s few pests as hated as the roach. We can determine the species and the sources of your infestation, and then we’ll use a custom approach to dealing with these nasty bugs.

Wood-Destroying Insects

Of all pests, bugs like termites and carpenter ants can cause some of the most expensive lasting damage. We have the skills and experience needed to deal with these destructive pests.


Mice and rats can present serious health hazards and are hard to take care of on your own. Let our rodent control experts take care of this problem for you.