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Sleep Easier with Our Bed Bug Elimination Services

There isn’t a single pest infestation that is a pleasant experience. In the pest control business, however, we know that some pests are worse than others. Bed bugs are definitively among the worse.

Once thought to be a pest plague of the past, bed bug infestations have been on the rise in recent years. There is a common misconception that bedbugs are only found in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions. We know firsthand that this isn’t true.

Bed bug infestations can happen to anyone at any time. These pests can be hiding anywhere – they are “hitch-hikers” and can be transported to your home on most anything

When this happens, you need professionals that are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and a leader in the pest control industry.

At Action Pest Exterminating, we offer accurate bed bug identification, treatment and eradication services.

Our Bed Bug service starts with a thorough examination of the entire home by one of our Certified K9 units specially trained to sniff out bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs wherever they may be hiding. This inspection only takes a few minutes and you will have the results immediately

Is this a little unconventional?


Is it effective?


We were one of the first companies in the area to use specially certified and trained dogs to sniff out bed bugs. How does this work? Bed bugs produces a pheromone (scent) and our dogs pick up the scent even when the bugs are hidden in places that would be invisible to the human eye. Our K9 Teams have conducted over 250,000 inspections and when it comes to work time these dogs don’t play around.

Should the inspection show positive for Bed Bugs then we can go on the attack. Bed bugs are unable to survive at temperature above 120°F. We bring specially designed equipment into your home, residential property, or business that raises the temperature in the room to above the thermal death point. Thermal heat treatments are the most natural, environmentally friendly, and effective means of killing bed bugs, in all stages of life. Out trained expert Technicians can deliver this heat safely and effectively and you can be sleeping in your bed the same night after treatment – bed bug free!

A bed bug infestation, whether it is in your home, commercial property or business, can completely disrupt your life. We understand that when infestations happen, you need someone on task immediately with the expertise to solve the problem. This is what we, at Action Pest Exterminating, provide.

When you have a need, call us first. We have a surefire plan to eradicate bed bugs from your life and restore a sense of normal, so that you can get on with life.