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Preventing Bed Bugs in Your Home

Having provided expert pest control services for three generations to the Charlotte metro area and surrounding suburbs, Action Pest Exterminating knows a thing or two about bed bugs. If they settle in a home, bed bugs can be a nuisance, and a pain to eradicate. Early and accurate detection and a company experienced in the eradication of these pest can help get your life back to normal.

Like most problems, it pays to be proactive and knowledgeable about Bed Bugs – so here are some tips from our pest control experts on how to reduce the chances of bringing bed bugs to your home.

What exactly is a bed bug, and where do they thrive?

An adult bed bug is around 1/5-inch long, reddish-brown (though this can fluctuate between white, deep brown, and burnt orange), with a flat, oval body. They thrive in places that are a) around room temperature, and b) prone to consistent turnover of occupants, i.e. hotel rooms, college dormitories, and hostels. The warmth of the average bed is quite appealing to bed bugs, as well as they like to stay close to a “host” – you, which is why you may find a larger concentration of these bug on box springs, mattresses, and bed frames.

Be Vigilant

Bed bugs are a bigger problem with each passing year, and more and more people are taking extra precautions when traveling. We advocate checking your hotel room’s bed before you even unpack (and speaking of unpacking, you should unpack your stuff somewhere other than your bed, i.e. the luggage rack). Also, before you get comfortable, inspect every part of the bed: the box springs, the bedding seams, the sheets, and any wood components. Tiny blood spots, or fecal on the sheets, are a telltale sign of bedbugs. Check behind headboards and around nightstands.

Better Safe Than Sorry

If you think you or your things have been affected by bed bugs during a hotel/dormitory stay, put all potentially infested clothing into separate plastic bags and wash the clothing on your washing machine’s highest setting. Another good idea for practicing bed bug-related pest control is to dress and undress on a hard floor instead of carpet – this way you can easily wipe the floor and kill any bed bugs lurking about.

On the Homefront

Used furniture and clothing should be inspected for bed bugs immediately after purchasing, with clothing promptly washed. Also, our professional pest control team advises you to steer clear of used mattresses, as these are prime conduits for bed bugs to enter your home.

Bed Bug Pest Control

If you still wind up with bed bugs in your home even after taking every precaution, fear not: Action Pest Exterminating is one of the finest pest control companies in North Carolina, and we have the experience and the tools to eradicate bed bugs and ensure they never return. Believe it or not, one of our most effective methods of locating bed bugs is our certified K9 unit, which is comprised of dogs specially trained to locate bed bugs. Once located, our most common bed bug treatment approach is thermal heat application, since bed bugs can’t survive in temperatures exceeding 120 degrees.

Bed bugs are a big problem if they aren’t located and exterminated in a timely manner. If you think your home might have bed bugs, contact Action Pest Exterminating today for an estimate.